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naze32 header pin

How to Remove Header Pins off a Naze32

Here’s the best way I found to remove header pins from a Naze32 or any other header pins off a circuit board. I’ve destroyed 2 Naze32 boards and a D4R-ii until I figure this out. If you try to remove the header pins intact by trying to remove the solder by wicking or manually removing the solder, your chance of success is very low. You will most likely rip out the solder connections on the Naze32 and destroy the board. If you succeed, you will have a burnt Naze32 board.

Unless you have one of these, this is the best way to remove header pins from a Naze32 or circuit board.

How to remove header pins

  1. Remove the plastic thing holding the pins together.
  2. Individually heat each pin and remove them one by one while the solder is melted
  3. Use solder wick to remove solder from the Naze32.
  4. If you don’t have a new header pin, you’ll need to clean up the pins so they’ll fit back in the holes. Insert pins back in the plastic pin holder.

If you don’t want to risk destroying your Naze32, you can order a custom soldered Naze32 board from my store.

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