Long Range Quadcopter 6s PROton Build : Part 1

PROton Long Range Quadcopter 6s Build This long range quadcopter is such a fun and versatile quad.  Instead of building two separate quads, one for long range and one for racer, this PROton build can be long range quadcopter or racer just by switching out the arms,

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Helio Spring Flight Controller | Better than FlightOne?

Helio Spring Flight Controller Ahh Helio Spring flight controller...I know the title will get some RaceFlight/FlightOne fans riled up but just take it easy for a sec.  It's all a matter of preference.  Some people like Windows and some prefer Mac.  Does it mean one is

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FlightClub Neutron Prototype : FPV Race Frame

FlightClub Neutron Prototype : FPV Race Frame You might be wondering, why is this PROton so small?  Well, that's because it's not a PROton.  This is the FlightClub Neutron.  The Neutron is basically a slightly smaller and slightly lighter PROton that's designed specifically for the smaller

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