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naze32 board orientation

Quadcopter Flips on Takeoff: Naze32 Orientation

I learned this the hard way. If your quadcopter flips or pirouettes on take off, there could be three reasons for this:

  1. The motors are spinning the wrong way. Use the motors tab in Baseflight or Cleanflight to check the motor directions. To reverse a motor, switch any two of the three motor wires. *Take off the propellers before testing*
  2. The propellers on incorrectly.
  3. If the flight controller, in this case the Naze32, is mounted any other way than the arrow pointing to the front of the quadcopter, the “Yaw Adjustment” in Baseflight or Cleanflight in the Configuration tab needs the correct angle offset value.

The screenshot below is for Cleanflight. The Board Alignment setting in Baseflight is on the bottom of the Configuration tab.

Correct Yaw Adjustment for a Naze32 mounted with the arrow pointing to the right.
Use the correct Yaw Adjustment values for the Naze32 orientation.

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