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captainvanover race frame

FlightClub R Frames : PROton-R and Neutron-R Pre-Orders

flightclub proton-r neutron-r

Designed specifically for racing, the new R frames are the best frames we’ve made, PROton-R and Neutron-R.

Both frames are based on the current PROton and Neutron frames. Listening to customers, team pilot feedback and testing, we’ve made an already great frame even better.

Neutron-R with the fin canopy

captainvanover race frame

Improvements over the current frames
  • Stronger 4.5mm nucleus plate vs 3mm
  • built in arm channels in the nucleus plate (no more arm movement)
  • 1 screw arm replacement vs 2
  • 4 threaded holes instead of Butter Mounts
  • 5mm arms vs 4mm (PROton) 4.5mm (Neutron)
  • front standoffs moved forward 3mm (more room between camera and stack)
  • thicker nucleus plate, thicker arms but slightly lighter frame weight
  • double accessory slot in top plate (HD camera mount and Airbender)
  • Neutron-R and PROton-R use the same arms, camera mounts, antenna mounts, HD camera mounts and Airbender
Nucleus Plates

flightclub proton-r neutron-r

Bye bye Butter mounts. The butter mounts were great when they were first invented 2-3 years ago when flight controllers didn’t have built in gummies. Now nearly all new flight controllers have built in soft mounting.

On super sensitive flight controllers like the FlightOne fc’s, the double soft mounting was actually causing issues. Two identical quads, one with butter mount and one hard mounted, the one with butter mounts had issues with oscillations.

As much as I hate to scrap the butter mounts, if it doesn’t improve the frame, it’s gotta go.

The Nucleus plates are CNC milled out of a whopping 4.5mm thick up from the 3mm current plates. The plates are strategically milled out where strength doesn’t matter as much but a whopping 4.5mm thick where strength is needed like in the arm channels. They are now much stronger with only about a half gram gain in weight.

No more arm wiggle. This was one of the biggest complaints of the current frames. With different manufacturing tolerances and the way the arms are currently mounted, it’s nearly impossible to get rid of all of the movement.

flightclub proton-r neutron-r

flightclub proton-r neutron-r

The new plates now feature arm channels that lock the arm in place. Now the arms are rock solid and only require one screw to be removed to change the arm.

Hybrid Geometry

captainvanover race frameThe hype is real! Hybrid geometry is running 5″ stretch X in the front arms and 6″ true X in the rear. The geometry built into the Nucleus plates is SX in the front and true X in the rear. Having the geometry built into the plates means now the arms are simplified.

The R frames, PROton and Neutron now share the same arms. There will be two types of arms, 5″ and 6″ with two frame options, 5 ” hybrid or true hybrid.

5″ hybrid is running the same 5″ arm for front and rear. This is technically hybrid because the geometry is built into the Nucleus plate.

True hybrid is running 5″ arms in the front and 6″ arms in the rear.

Personally I like running the 5″ hybrid because it’s easier to just carry one type of spare arms. This is the setup Captainvanover will be running also.

flightclub proton-r neutron-rNew Top Plate

Now the new top plate features two accessory slots. We changed the accessory slot from the original shape to increase the strength of the top plate. Most of the plates broken on the current plates happened around the wide part of the accessory slot.

On the new plate, using a slot requires less carbon to be cut out thus increases the strength with negligible gain in weight.

The two accessory slots are for the HD camera mount and the new Airbender turtle stick.

captainvanover race frame


Turtle fins are necessary for helping keeping the props out of the grass when you land upside down so you can turtle over. But fins are heavy, prone to cross winds and drag.

captainvanover race frame

The Airbender turtle stick does what a fin does. It uses a carbon fiber rod mounted by a 3D printed part that locks into the rear accessory port with the two rear standoff screws. It’s virtually aerodynamic with no drag, impervious to cross winds and only weighs 2g.


Pre orders for both frames will begin May 17, 2019. (For different time zone sakes, pre orders will open Thursday 10pm central time)

Both of these frames will be priced at $65 but for the pre orders they will be only $49!

The first 50 of each frame will include an extra 5″ arm and the optional fixed angle camera mount free!

So if you are one of the first 50 frames and you order say 3 frames, you will get three frames, three spare arms and three fixed angle camera mounts. Jump on this deal before it runs out.

PROton Pre Order

Neutron Pre Order

Recommended optional parts.


proton-r race frame

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