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FlightClub PROton-R : 30×30 Race Frame

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FlightClub PROton-R

What do you get when you combine the experience over the past 3 years of designing frames and feedback from some of the fastest pilots in the world?  You get the PROton-R.

The PROton-R is the evolution of an already great race frame, the original PROton, into a frame that puts it in it’s own class.  FPV racing is hard enough.  The last thing you need to think about is a frame with shortcomings.  The PROton-R is a frame you can count on so you can focus on winning races.


flightclub proton-r race frame

flightclub proton-r race frameHighlight Features
  • Designed for 30×30 components (see Neutron-R for a 20×20 frame)
  • Nucleus Plate – CNC 7075 Milled aluminum plate
  • Threaded holes for arms, flight controller and front accessory (crossfire mount)
  • Hybrid geometry (front SX, rear X)
  • Channel slots in the aluminum plate for the arms
  • 1 screw arm swap
  • Double accessory slots on the top plate for GoPro and Airbender turtle stick.
  • Dead X flight controller placement
  • Chamfered and countersunk holes on the bottom plate
  • 5mm T700 carbon arms
  • Approximately 79g, 5mm Hybrid SX Skeleton
PROton-R vs PROton
  • Stronger 4.5mm nucleus plate vs 3mm
  • built in arm channels in the nucleus plate (no more arm movement)
  • 1 screw arm replacement vs 2
  • 4 threaded holes instead of Butter Mounts
  • 5mm arms vs 4.5mm
  • front standoffs moved forward 3mm (more room between camera and stack)
  • double accessory slot in top plate (HD camera mount and Airbender)
  • Neutron-R and PROton-R use the same arms, camera mounts, antenna mounts, HD camera mounts and Airbender
Nucleus Plate

The nucleus plate in the PROton-R is milled out of a solid 4.5mm thick 7075 aluminum plate (PROton uses 3mm).  Through cleaver design, the plate is strategically milled out in certain places to save weight.  But an extra beefy 4.5mm thick where strength matters such as in the arm channels.

The arm channels tolerances have been meticulously tweaked so the arms slide in with virtually zero movement at all.  Changing an arm only requires removing one screw.  This equals rock solid arms with no flex or wiggle.

There are a total of 12 threaded holes in the PROton plate (6 for the arms, 4 flight controller screws, 2 front accessory) to make building and maintenance a breeze.  No need to mess with press nuts or locknuts.


Instead of Butter Mounts, the flight controller is now 4 threaded M3 holes.  Virtually all 20×20 flight controllers now have built in soft mounting so the Butter Mounts are not needed.  Having threaded holes for the flight controller making building a breeze and there’s no need for locknuts to secure the stack.

Hybrid Geometry

The hype is real!  Hybrid geometry is running stretched X on the front and longer true X arms in the rear.  This makes the frame incredibly confident inspiring and smooth in the turns.

The channels for the arms in the Nucleus plate is designed for SX up front and X in the rear.

There are two arm options.  Both are hybrid geometry.

  • 5″ Hybrid – same 5″ arms for front and back
  • True Hybrid – 5″ front, 6″ rear

The 5″ hybrid is great for people who just want to carry the same arm for both front/rear.  This makes replacements easy.

True Hybrid is for the people who want the true hybrid setup with 5″ SX and 6″ true X in the rear.  You’ll just have to carry two different arms for replacements.

Dead X

Dead X flight controller mounting is having the flight controller stack exactly in the center of the 4 arms.  Most frames offset the flight controller stack back to make room for the camera.

Milliseconds count!  This could make the difference between 1st or 2nd place.

Top Plate or Canopy Pod

The top plate now has two accessory ports, GoPro mount and the Airbender turtle stick.

captainvanover race frame

The Airbender turtle stick is an alternative to fins.  Using a 3.5mm carbon fiber rod and 3D printed mount, it weighing just 2g.  The Airbender is virtually aerodynamic causing almost zero drag and impervious to cross winds.

They hybrid pod is designed by MaydayFPV.

Captainvanover’s Race Setup

Approximately 290g with props and kevlar battery strap

A GoPro mount for the is available.

Frame Options

PROton Size 

  • 5″ Hybrid – uses same 5″ arms for front and rear
  • True Hybrid – uses 5″ arms in front and 6″ arms in the rear

PROton Style

  • Skeleton – standoff and top plate
  • Hybrid Pod v2 – TPU pod
  • Hybrid Pod v2 with Airbender

PROton Plate Color

  • Charcoal, Red or Purple CNC aluminum plate

PROton Pod Color

  • Only applies if the Neutron Style is a hybrid pod with or without fin
  • If building Skeleton mode, please choose No Color (skeleton)

Base PROton-R will include the following

  • 1 – Nucleus CNC Aluminum Plate
  • 1 – 2mm chamfered, countersunk bottom CF Plate
  • 4 – 5mm Arms
  • 4 – M3x20mm Button head screws (for flight controller stack)
  • 6 – M3x10mm Flat Head Hex screws (arm screws)
  • 4 – M3 Nylon nuts
  • 4 – Butter Mounts (can be used as spacers)
  • 1- Ultralite TPU VTX SMA antenna mount
  • 1 – FlightClub Velcro Strap
  • 1 – FlightClub Sticky Battery Pad
  • Stickers

Skeleton Mode will include the Base PROton above plus:

  • 1 – 2mm CF top plate
  • 4 – 25mm Black Standoffs
  • 2 – TPU Camera mount adapters for Micro Camera
  • 8 – M3x8mm button head hex screws

The skeleton come with the basic TPU camera mount.  These fixed angle camera mounts are highly recommended.

Hybrid Pod Mode will include the Base PROton above plus:

  • TPU Printed Hybrid Pod
  • 2 – M3x10mm standoffs
  • 2 – M3x25mm standoffs
  • 8 – M3x8mm button head hex screws
Recommended optional parts.

Different height Standoffs can be used for higher or lower stacks.

3D sketch showing optional fixed camera angle mount, Airbender and upcoming crossfire mount.


*Images are of the prototypes.  Final production versions may be slightly different.  Don’t worry, they will be changes for the better.

flightclub proton-r race frame

Additional information

Weight 78.0000 g
Dimensions 175.0000 x 118.0000 x 19.0000 mm
PROton Size


PROton Style

, ,

Nucleus Plate Color

Grey, Blue

PROton Canopy Color

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