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flightclub bangkok torture test

FlightClub Bangkok Crash Test and Pre-orders!

The final stage in the Bangkok testing is done. I just tried to break my Bangkok and was unsuccessful.

The trickiest part of designing a frame is knowing how all your ideas will do in crashes. The only way to test your design theories is to crash test it.

In the spirit of science I subjected the Bangkok to a series of test to simulate the types of crashes a freestyle frame may encounter.

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Here are the tests:

  • Drop test from various heights
  • Tree trunk test
  • Trash can test
  • Chain link fence test
  • Immovable object test
bangkok torture testDrop test – PASS

This test is to simulate a quad dropping out of the sky for whatever reason. The heights weren’t measured but estimated to my best ability. I hovered the Bangkok to heights of 10, 30, 50 and 70-100 feet, gave the quad a slight roll and cut the throttle. The slight roll is to try to get the quad to land on the arms.

Up to 50 feet, the Bangkok wasn’t even phased. Just some mud on the props but the frame was perfect. No cracks on the body or arms. On the 70-100 foot drop, something happened to my ESC and caught fire. A quick ESC and FC swap…good to go. The Bangkok stinks from the fire but otherwise A-OK!

Tree Trunk Test – PASS

bangkok torture test

Anyone who flies FPV knows these things that grow out of the ground called trees will destroy quads. I can’t tell you how many quads I’ve broken on tree trunks. I was really surprised that the Bangkok survived this one. The hit didn’t even de-laminate the T700 carbon arms. The poor tree actually sustained more damage than the Bangkok.

Trash Can Test – PASS

bangkok torture test

This was a fun test. Although these trash cans are made of super thick plastic and weigh around 40 lbs, it’s a pretty bouncy target. I thought it would look cool on video and just wanted to fly into it for fun. Zero damage on the frame, just some bent props.

Chain Linked Fence Test – PASS

bangkok torture test

I had to do this one twice. The first on hit the fence near a steel post but it was out of the camera frame. Second pass hit the mark but the only damage done was a small scratch on the front cage and mangled props.

Immovable Object Test – PASS

bangkok torture test

There’s nothing more solid than a concrete light post wrapped in concrete. This light post would crumble a brick wall. I was surprised that the Bangkok passed it with just a scratch on the front cage. I thought the camera sensor would detach from the board but the Foxeer Micro Pro was unscathed.

BTW, I actually shot this entire video on 1 set of props. These GemFan 5149 props are super durable. My favorite props of all time!


After these tests, the Bangkok has only sustained some scratches but the frame is still fine. Nothing broken or cracked. As of this posting only 1 arm has been broken from all the Bangkok prototypes. Here are images of damage done.

flightclub bangkok torture test

flightclub bangkok torture test flightclub bangkok torture test

Bangkok Pre-Orders!

At this point I can say that the Bangkok is ready for production.

Pre-orders will start Friday December 21. Since these frames are so expensive to produce, the first batch will be limited. If you want to be in the first batch don’t wait. Enter your email in the Bangkok product page to be notified when pre orders go live!

Want to win a production version Bangkok frame? Check out the YouTube video for more details.

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