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9 Simple FPV Build Tips to Keep You Flying

Are you tired of problems or constantly repairing your quad? After building a conservative 100 quads and gathering tips from some of the fastest pilots in the world, we’ve compiled a list of 9 simple FPV build tips to improve your builds. Follow these 9 simple FPV build tips in your next build to eliminate some of the most common race day problems.

FPV Build Tip 1 : Use Butter Mounts for spacers

fpv build tip

Ditch the plastic spacers for the flight controller stack. The limited sizes of nylon spacers make it hard to make a custom low profile stack. Butter mounts can be cut to 1.5mm, 2.5mm and 4mm increments.

FPV Build Tip 2 : Short Battery Cable

fpv build tip

I learned this one form Captainvanover. Use a short battery cable. This has many advantages, reduced weight, uses the cable tension to keep the XT60 connected but the biggest advantage is that it keeps the XT60 and cable from getting blended by the props.

FPV Build Tip 3: Metal FC Stack Screws

fpv build tip

Ditch the plastic standoffs for your flight controller stack. They will break in a hard crash making it a pain in the ass to replace in the field. Use long metal screws for the stack that will never break no matter how hard you crash. It also makes it much easier to customize the height of the components of your stack.

FPV Build Tip 4 : M3 Locknut Stack Nut

fpv build tip

It adds x grams to your build but it’s totally worth it. Instead of using the standard plastic nut, use m3 locknuts for the stack. You really only need two locknuts to secure the stack and never have to worry about vibrations making the nuts come off.

FPV Build Tip 5 : Shorten Your Wires

fpv build tip

This not only cleans up your build but minimizes problems. Having long dangling wires will shake during flight. Even if you have perfect solder joints, the movement in the wire will eventually break the wire and disconnect.

FPV Build Tip 6 : Keep Motor Wires Flat

fpv build tip

I’ve tried all methods to protect the motor wires and found this method to be the easiest and works best. Heat shrink works well but it’s a pain in the ass to replace an arm in the field. Racewire works but it adds the need to spice and solder an additional 24 joints.

Use gaffer’s tape to keep the motor wire flat against the arm and there’s very little chance of the wires getting cut. Gaffer’s tape is stronger and thicker than electrical tape. It’s like duct tape but can be removed and reused without sticky residue.

FPV Build Tip 7 : Tape the U.FL Connector

fpv build tip

The biggest weakness of U.FL connectors is that they can disconnect during crashes. You can heat shrink the VTX with the connector inside but it makes it hard to do any repairs in the field because you have to cut off the heat shrink. Bondic works well but the bondic will come off if you move the wire. Once again, use a small strip of gaffer’s tape to tape down the U.FL connector. It holds theU.FL connector down well enough and can be easily removed and re-applied if you need to do any field repairs.

FPV Build Tip 8 : Sticky Pad

flightclub sticky battery pad

The biggest causes of damage to batteries and battery cables besides smashing them into gates, is battery ejection. Using velcro on your quad and every single one of your batteries works but it’s a major pain in the ass to use. Use a sticky battery pad paired with a strong kevlar battery strap. These sticky battery pads will lock in your battery.

These sticky pads can be washed with soap and water to make them brand new again.

FPV Build Tip 9 : Fixed Camera Angle

neutron proton canopy

The angle of your camera has a huge effect on how you fly. Fly with not enough angle and you’ll yourself bobbing up and down having a hard time maintaining your altitude. Fly with too much angle and it’ll throw off your lines blowing out the turns cause you’re flying too fast for your skill level.
Have you ever hit a gate then find your quad flying really weird only to find the camera pointing to the ground or the sky when you retrieve your quad?
Use a fixed angle camera mount to lock in your camera angle so you can flying consistently every time no matter how many gates you hit.

What you think about these FPV build tips? Do you already use these tips or do you have any tips you can share? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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