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FlightClub Tokio X and SX New Pricing Structure

FlightClub Tokio X and SX New Price

Hey everyone, I just want to thank everyone who has gotten a Tokio! The demand has been far beyond what I expected.

As we prepare for the arrival of the new injection molded canopies we will start distribution to domestic and international resellers all over the world. This will make it more readily accessible to international pilots to get the Tokio frames without paying super high shipping fees.

As of June 1, 2017 Tokio X and Tokio SX will have a new pricing structure, lower price! To make it possible for us to resell the frames to distributors we have to change the pricing structure. Tokio X and SX now will have a new low price of $85 with no lifetime warranty. Replacements for broken frames will be a reduced rate of $30. The lifetime warranty makes pricing very tricky for distribution so we’ve decided this was the best way to price it.

For the people who got Tokios before June 1, 2017, don’t worry you will still have the lifetime warranty.

Of all the frames we have shipped out less than 2% have been broken and 95% of the breaks were on the arms at the motor holes. We have redesigned the frames to improve the arms and the next batch will have stronger arms. This will significantly reduce the breaks.

Injection Molded Canopies

We are getting close! I’ve been using the new injection molded ones and I can tell you they are super tough. They are much easier to keep clean because there are 3D print gaps. Take off the canopy and wash it under the faucet and they look brand new. This will be great for summer flying. My quads are always covered with blended grass after flights.

Once we have the injection molded canopies everyone who has a 3D printed canopy right now will get a free upgrade to one of the new injection molded canopies. All you have to do is pay for shipping. Currently there will be 7 color options, black, red, blue, orange, purple, white and clear. Currently we are on the second prototype. We should be getting the samples next week and if everything is good we will start production. Hopefully we can get the canopies ready to ship to customers next month.

If you are interested in carrying the Tokio frames in your store please send us a note.

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