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flightclub team pilot envyastro

FlightClub Team Pilot: Ivan "EnvyAstro" Rodriquez

FlightClub Team Pilot: EnvyAstro Ivan Rodriguez

For the past two years FlightClub has been just me, Mike. There are a lot of other posts that I’ve wanted to do but I have to admit to my shortcomings. I suck at flying! I need to focus on my strengths and bring in help to fill in the gaps. This is were Ivan “EnvyAstro” Rodriguez comes in.

Words by Ivan:

What’s up guys, hope everyone has been ripping it up, as we begin the 2017 FPV racing season! First off I want to start off by introducing myself to everyone and what my experience is in FPV drone racing. Mike and I met about 18 months ago,it’s funny how we met, I made an order off his website and he forgot a few of my parts to complete my first ever build! Luckily I saw that the package was sent from a local address so he was nice enough to let me pick it up locally. Ever since then we have been talking FPV.

I have been flying for about a year but I wasn’t always a racer. Before I became a racer I use to freestyle out in the wild. I did this for about 5-6 months until I realized that drone racing was where my passion for the drones was at. My first ever competition was MultiGP 2016 Regional Qualifiers, at my arrival to the race I am not going to lie, I was pretty scared since that was my first ever race event. Being afraid of the other pilots skill level wasn’t going to stop me from achieving what I had in mind and that was to become one of the top pilots in the nation! From that day forward being able to tackle my fear of racing against better pilots went away. Not being afraid of racing against others nor being afraid of pushing myself when under the goggles has honestly in my opinion made me a better pilot! I do just as our motto says ” Build, Fly, Crash, Repeat”, in my opinion that is the best way to get good in a short amount of time! Many people are afraid of flying fast and trying new things because they are afraid of breaking stuff. But quite frankly if you’re serious about becoming a fast pilot, I think that’s what it takes. Ever since my first race event, I have now participated in hundreds of events with some of the best pilots in the world and I can proudly say it is such a blessing to have FlightClub supporting me throughout those races.

I’d like to give back to the community that has helped build our brand and for those supporting the sport of drone racing . That being said I will be creating videos that will help people become better pilots, grow better building skills, learn how to prepare for a race, etc. I hope to accomplish these things by making videos on:

  • Beginner flying videos for people who are just getting into the hobby
  • Tips and tricks in builds
  • How to get the most out of your practice sessions
  • Tips on how to get faster lap times
  • Pid tuning
  • Product reviews from a racer’s point of view

Keep in mind I am not going to be teaching you “how to race” but how “I” race and what has help me become a better pilot throughout my year of flying. With that I’d like to welcome everyone to join the journey of becoming a better pilot!

Check out EnvyAstro’s YouTube Channel and Instagram.

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