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FlightClub PROton Build Series

FlightClub PROton Build Series

FlightClub PROton Build Series

Ahh, PROtons, all the beautiful configurations that can be made! The PROton build will be done in three builds. What do you expect from the most versatile race frame on the market?? I literally stay awake at night thinking about all the different configurations I’m going to build my PROtons.

If you haven’t heard about the PROton yet, check out the PROton page, prototype, ultralight and product page. The PROton is a configurable frame that lets you adapt to any type of flying you are into. At the core of PROton is the Nucleus CNC plate. It lets you build your quad in skeleton (standoff) or canopy mode. There will be 5 different types of arms you can select, 4″, 5″ race, 5″ practice, 5″ stretch X, 5.5″ and 6″ arms. With 5 arms and 2 modes, you can configure 10 different quads. With the same body you can have a 4″ screamer or a 6″ long range freestyle quad.

Here are the PROton Builds coming:

1. Ultralight PROton: this is currently my favorite race setup. It took me a while to get my ego in check and realize that I can’t handle a super powerful quad. What it lacks in power it makes up for in surgical precision around a track. Not to mention the crazy long flight times. I originally build this with the Hyperlite 2204 Floss motors for a 215g build but it was actually too light. I found myself using bigger batteries just to pump up the weight so it would fly better. With a 1300mAh pack i could get around 6-5 min flight times but it was so light it was too hard to control.

  • Sub 240g (no props or battery)
  • Skeleton Mode
  • 5″ Race arms

2. Beast PROton: this build is for the animals that can handle blazing around a track at near full throttle.

  • Around 285g
  • High KV Motor
  • Canopy Mode
  • 5″ Race arms

3. Long Range / Freestyle PROton: This thing is fun! Being able to pretty much fly as far as you want and explore your surroundings like a bird.

  • Around 300g
  • TBS Crossfire
  • Low KV motor
  • 5s battery
  • 5.5″ or 6″ arms

Check back soon for the build posts/videos and kits.

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