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Luminier QAV250

I'm Addicted to flying FPV Quadcopters

As of October 2014 I knew absolutely nothing about quadcopters. Like many of you I saw these guys on Youtube flying quadcopters doing crazy stuff like racing through the woods dodging trees doing flips and rolls, flying in the middle of a fireworks show or seeing beautiful landscapes from a bird’s eye view. This is so freaking cool! With FPV, it’s the closest I’ll probably ever get to being able to fly.

Build, Fly, Crash, Repeat

Believe me, I know it’s pretty confusing and frustrating when you get started. It took me hours, days and weeks to research what parts to buy, assemble the parts, configure the flight controller then tuning the quad. When I finally got the quadcopter flying, I could not fly for more than 30seconds without crashing. I would always break something before the battery was depleted. Most of the time it was just propellers but sometimes it was more expensive things like motors, transmitters or frames. Build, fly, crash and repeat, that’s pretty much sums up flying FPV quadcopters especially in the beginning. As of right now I’m only about 40 batteries in and I’ve broken countless propellers, destroyed four motors, burned out two ESC’s, a video transmitter, a lipo battery, half my LED’S are smashed and my frame is cracked.

Don’t get discouraged when starting out. You WILL crash and break parts when you fly quadcopters. I still fly like crap but I can feel improvements with every battery I go through. It was a great feeling when I finally flew my quadcopter through the Fatshark Dominator goggles without crashing on a whole battery. I was absolutely addicted! All the frustration and hard work paid off. It really feels like you’re flying! This is the most fun I’ve had with any of my hobbies.

I was intrigued but also lost. The more I looked into quadcopters the more confused I got. It been about 15 years since I got out of RC cars and the technology has changed so much. I had to relearn everything from flight controllers, ESC’s, brushless mothers, batteries and FPV is a whole new animal. There is still so much to learn and techniques to master. The purpose of this site is to take you on my journey from knowing absolutely nothing about FPV quadcopters to building and racing your own quad.

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