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FlightClub PROton | Ultralight Quad Fans Rejoice!

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 FlightClub PROton | Ultralight Quad Fans Rejoice!   The whole quad racing industry has shifted towards ultralight setups this year.  Well have no fear, PROton can do ultralite too!  Being so adaptable the PROton in skeleton mode can be built into a lean, mean, screaming machine. This build shown below is just 215g.  I could have gotten it to 210g if …

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Three Inch Quad Build : FlightClub Phuket

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  Three Inch Quad Build : FlightClub Phuket This three inch quad build the FlightClub Phuket is favorite quad to fly right now.  Being so small, light and tough, it just bounces off stuff and keeps flying.  With turtle mode enabled you may never need to retrieve a quad. The Phuket is a 140mm slight stretch X canopy quad designed …

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FlightClub Proton | Ultimate Race Frame

In Build, News by Mike Tseng31 Comments


 FlightClub Proton | Ultimate Race Frame When I designed Tokio it was never suppose to be a race frame.  Tokio was a frame with lots of protection so it can maximize your flight time.  The mantra was protection, protection, protection.  It is a fun frame that also flew great so people used them to race. PROton Enter the FlightClub Proton.  The mantra for Proton would …

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Matek F405 OSD Flight Controller | BetaFlight F4 Killer?

In Build, Review by Mike Tseng2 Comments


 Matek F405 OSD F4 Flight Controller Review F4 Flight Controller is Matek’s first attempt at flight controllers.  How did they do?  Let’s find out. Matek is know mostly for making power distribution boards and LED boards.  Lately they’ve been coming out with some interesting products like this F405 flight controller and the VTX-HV (which I will be reviewing next). The Matek …

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HyperLite Floss 2 Racing Frame Part 1: First Look

In Info by Mike Tseng4 Comments


 Hyperlite Floss 2 Racing Frame First Look The Hyperlite Floss 2 frame is based of the ultra popular Floss.  They listened to the complaints on the original Floss frame and fixed the issues. This will be a 2 part post on one of the most popular frames right now. Part 1 will be the first look at the frame itself Part 2 …

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How to Update FrSky Receivers Firmware

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 How to Update FrSky Receivers Firmware Why would you need to update FrSky receivers firmware?  It’s easy to do that’s why.  Jk, I ran into an issue with the last batch of XSR receivers.  They were pre-flashed from the factory with version 170605 firmware.  Not sure why they did this because this version doesn’t work with the LUA script or telemetry. …

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FlightClub Tokio Injection Canopy

In News by Mike Tseng7 Comments


 FlightClub Tokio Injection Canopy Finally!  The Tokio Injection Molded Canopies are here!  As promised, everyone who has a Tokio with 3D printed canopy will get a free upgrade to the new injection molded canopy.  All you have to do is pay for shipping. Injection Molding vs 3D Printing Injection molding is a manufacturing process by injecting material into a mould to …

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EMAX Magnum All in One Tower : Easy Quad Build

In Build by Mike Tseng15 Comments


 EMAX Magnum All in One Tower The EMAX Magnum is a clean quadcopter builder’s dream.  In a small 36 x 42 x 18mm stack, the EMAX Magnum is a 6 in 1 stack that has everything you need to build your FPV quadcopter.  Just add the motors, camera and antenna and you’re done! EMAX Magnum Highlights F4 Flight Controller 30A Bullet ESC …

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Taranis LUA Script : Tune PIDs from your Taranis

In Build by Mike Tseng24 Comments


 Taranis LUA Script : Tune PIDs from your Taranis   The Taranis lua scrip is a super cool feature you can run on your Taranis.  It lets you tune PIDs and change vtx settings right from your Taranis.  If you are using a TBS Unify Pro or ImmersionRC Tramp VTX you can change your band, channel and even power output. …