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FlightClub Tokio Injection Canopy

In News by Mike Tseng5 Comments


 FlightClub Tokio Injection Canopy Finally!  The Tokio Injection Molded Canopies are here!  As promised, everyone who has a Tokio with 3D printed canopy will get a free upgrade to the new injection molded canopy.  All you have to do is pay for shipping. Injection Molding vs 3D Printing Injection molding is a manufacturing process by injecting material into a mould to …

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EMAX Magnum All in One Tower : Easy Quad Build

In Build by Mike Tseng12 Comments


 EMAX Magnum All in One Tower The EMAX Magnum is a clean quadcopter builder’s dream.  In a small 36 x 42 x 18mm stack, the EMAX Magnum is a 6 in 1 stack that has everything you need to build your FPV quadcopter.  Just add the motors, camera and antenna and you’re done! EMAX Magnum Highlights F4 Flight Controller 30A Bullet ESC …

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FatShark Power Switch : On/Off Switch for your Fatsharks

In Build, Quick Tips by Mike Tseng10 Comments


 FatShark Dominator Power Switch Mod I love my FatShark Dominator V3.  One thing I don’t like about them is fumbling around to plug in the power cable.  I’ve always wanted to add a Fatshark power switch but never got around to doing it until now.  Adding a power switch makes them so much more enjoyable to use. Parts used in this build …

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Taranis LUA Script : Tune PIDs from your Taranis

In Build by Mike Tseng18 Comments


 Taranis LUA Script : Tune PIDs from your Taranis   The Taranis lua scrip is a super cool feature you can run on your Taranis.  It lets you tune PIDs and change vtx settings right from your Taranis.  If you are using a TBS Unify Pro or ImmersionRC Tramp VTX you can change your band, channel and even power output. …

FlightClub Tokio X and SX New Pricing Structure

In News by Mike Tseng27 Comments


 FlightClub Tokio X and SX New Price Hey everyone, I just want to thank everyone who has gotten a Tokio!  The demand has been far beyond what I expected. As we prepare for the arrival of the new injection molded canopies we will start distribution to domestic and international resellers all over the world.  This will make it more readily …

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Best Race Drone for FPV Racing : FlightClub Tokio Build

In Build by Mike Tseng68 Comments


 Best Race Drone for FPV Racing : FlightClub Tokio X Build Time to build the best race drone available, the FlightClub Tokio X. Of all the quads I’ve build, the Tokio is the best race drone I’ve ever built.  When I designed the frame I wanted it to be easy to build and easy to work on in the field.  What makes this frame …

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FPV Questions and Answers with EnvyAstro and SedHendo #1

In Info by EnvyAstro19 Comments


 FPV Questions and Answers with EnvyAstro and SedHendo What’s up everyone, hope you guys have been ripping it up with the Tokio frames!  That being said I’ve noticed that many people have questions that they want answered.  That is why I am excited to announce that I will now be having a Q&A series!  (Name of the series yet to …

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How to Tune PIDs : Learn How to get that Locked In Feeling

In Build by EnvyAstro4 Comments


 How to Tune PIDs What’s going on everyone, today we will be tuning the awesome Tokio SX. Here is a quick list of the electronics used for this quad. Parts List Tokio SX Tmotor F40 Pro 2600kv Cicada 35A 4in1 ESC KISS FC (Running Betaflight 3.1.7) FrSky XSR TBS Unify Pro Race Foxeer Arrow V3 TBS Triumph Gemfan 5152 Props …

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Tokio SX Build by EnvyAstro Ivan Rodriguez

In Build by EnvyAstro11 Comments


 FlightClub Tokio SX | EnvyAstro Post by EnvyAstro Ivan Rodriguez Hope you guys are as excited as I am with the new Tokio Stretched X! I have been flying the prototype version for about 2 months now and I can say that I am in love with this frame.  I have yet to break a frame. But if you happen …