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Tokio FPV Camera Bracket


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Tokio FPV Camera Bracket

TPU Flexible FPV camera bracket.  Easy way to mount the FPV camera without the metal bracket.  A flexible bracket adds one more layer of protection for the camera, flexes on impacts.  No need to bend back the metal brackets.  No vibration issues.

Available for the Foxeer V3 and RunCam Swift.  The Foxeer v3 bracket will work for the Swift camera if using the 3 hole Swift case.

The stock RunCam Swift lens is too small to work in the canopy with the TPU mount.  It sits too far inside the canopy and you will see the lip.  Upgrading the the 2.5mm lens will fix the problem.


Additional information

Weight 3.0000 g
Dimensions 8.0000 × 28.0000 × 25.0000 mm
Camera Adapter


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