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Taranis Program File


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This is the backup file I use for all my builds.  Save yourself the hassle of trying to program your Taranis.  Load the file and go fly!

  • FrSky Telemetry* – Low RSSI alarm set at 65dbi, 2 stage low battery (14.5v audible warning, 14v haptic warning).  SF up will call out your current RSSI.  SH up will call out the current Voltage.
  • Flight Timers – Timer 1, actual flight time, Timer 2, 2 minute race timer with 10 second countdown.  Both timers will start when throttle goes above zero.  Switch SC up resets all timers
  • AUX1 SD up is the arm
  • AUX2 SB can be used turtle mode
  • AUX3 SE open for assignment, can be used for flight modes

*Please note, to have the telemetry function a compatible RX must be used such as the XSR, X4R-SB or D4R-ii. 

To use the backup file, after the purchase is completed there will be a download link in the email.  Download that file and drag the “Taranis-Backup.bin” file in to the Models folder in the SD card in the Taranis.  Put the card back into the Taranis.  Press Menu and scroll down to an empty model slot.  Press and hold the enter button and select restore model.  Select the “Taranis-Backup” file.

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