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Spedix IS30 4-in-1 2-4S 30A ESC


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Spedix IS30 4-in-1 2-4S 30A ESC

A great option for clean builds.  The Spedix IS30 30A all in 1 ESC has a built in 5v BEC for powering flight controllers or FPV equipment.  It runs BLHeli-S so it’s DSHOT600 ready out of the box.

  • Standard 30.5mm spaced mounting holes
  • The dimensions of the board (except the soldering pads) are 36x36mm, the same as a standard flight controller.
  • The extended soldering pads can be easily soldered in place without disassembling your machine
  • Efficient switching 5V/1.2A BEC output.
  • Uses a more reliable 1.25mm pitch 7 pin Molex connector containing 4 ESC signals, 5V supply and VBAT
  • Additionally there are three set of solder pads. One 5V output, and two at battery voltage level that can be used for video transmitters, accessories or the optional electrolytic capacitor (included)
  • 6.1mm diameter clearance around mounting holes (clearance for spacers without hitting components is a common problem among 4in1 ESCs)
  • Size: 36mm x 36mm x 5mm
  • Mounting Holes: 30.5mm x 30.5mm
  • Weight: 10.3 grams (no wires)
  • 30Amp/40Amp Burst
  • 2-4S
  • EFM8BB21 MCU
  • 3 oz copper PCB
  • 5x6mm MOSFETs
  • BLHeli_S firmware
  • Supports Oneshot125, Oneshot42, Multishot, DSHOT600
  • IS30 4in1 ESC
  • 16 AWG power wires
  • 7 pin connector to bare wires
  • 7 pin connector with servo leads (1x3pin w/BEC, rest single connectors)
  • 25V 330µF Rubycon ZLH electrolytic capacitor, can be used for further voltage spike suppression (general purpose cap, not low ESR)

Additional information

Weight 10.3000 g
Dimensions 36.0000 x 36.0000 x 5.0000 mm


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