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Lumenier QAV Soft Motor Mount Guards


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Lumenier QAV Soft Motor Mount Guards

Designed to fit Lumenier QAV series 4mm frames , QAV-X, QAV-R, QAV-SKITZO, QAV210 and QAV250.  Soft mounts help dampen motor vibrations reaching the flight controller.  The mount also protects the bottom of the frame.

  • Includes 4 soft mount guards
  • Made of flexible and strong TPU
  • 1 mm dampening

The soft motor mounts are made for 4mm frames.  It will fit the 3mm frames but there will be a 1 mm gap on the bottom part of the mount.

The soft mounts will add 1mm of distance between the frame and motor.  Be careful with the motor screws used.  Make sure the screws do not touch the motor windings.

Additional information

Weight 8 g
Dimensions 34 × 35 × 14 mm

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