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OSDoge v1.5 On Screen Display

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Add on screen display to your quad.

Brand new OSDoge V1.5

Get them while it lasts!

In stock

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OSDoge 1.5

See the OSDoge v1.5 post and video.

OSDoge, the faithful Naze32 companion.

Stack on your Naze32 to add OSD, an LC Filter, 5V and 12V clean power, and handy current/voltage sensor inputs.  See your flight mode, flight time, battery voltage, virtual horizon and tune your PIDs from your OSD.  Check out the install and setup post HERE.

  • Selectable 12v and 5v clean power supplies for your FPV camera and VTX
  • 5v BEC for the Naze32
  • Onboard LC power filter for a clean noise free FPV image
  • Mini USB connector for direct connection to a computer
  • Works with 3S and 4S batteries
  • Plugs right into your naze! Stacks with 10mm standoffs, included
New Features in OSDoge 1.5
  • USB now lines up with the Naze32 rev6
  • No more big capacitor that always falls off
  • Idiot light – on the original board if you connect VBAT backwards it will instantly kill the board.  I can’t tell you how many boards I’ve fried doing this.  On the OSDoge 1.5 if you connect VBAT backwards the LED turns red instead of blue and no magic smoke!
  • OSDoge board
  • 3 pairs male/female header pins
  • 1 – 6×1 90 degree header pin
  • 1 – 3×1 90 degree header pin
  • 1 – 2×1 90 degree header pin
  • 4 – 10mm nylon standoffs

OSDoge come preinstalled with latest MultiWii OSD version 1.6.  Get the latest version GUI here.

Made in Japan

OSDoge Manual

Additional information

Weight 25 g
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 mm

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