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ImmersionRC RHCP 5.8GHz Circular Polarized SpiroNet Antenna V2


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Greatly increase your range compared to traditional antennas.

LHCP and RHCP work equally well.  The difference is if two people are flying both RHCP or both LHCP there will be more interference.  If one is using RHCP and the other LHCP there will be less interference.

  • 5.8GHz band
  • RHCP Right hand circular polarization
  • Semi-ridgid antenna will hold it’s position when bent
  • Custom RF-transparent dome protects antenna during crashes
  • Precision manufactured with very tight tolerances, *each antenna* is 100% tested on a professional antenna tester (Rhode & Schwartz) to ensure maximum range and performance.
  • SMA connector that’s compatible to all ImmersionRC and FatShark 5.8GHz products
  • Dimensions: 92 x 10 x 92mm
  • Weight: 53g
  • Two identical  RHCP (right hand circular polarized)4-leaf Skew Planar Wheel antennas

Additional information

Weight 53 g
Dimensions 23 x 12 x 5 mm

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