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FPV Quadcopter Kit : PROton Long Range / Racer


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FPV Quadcopter Kit FlightClub PROton

fpv quadcopter kit

This is a true all-in-one FPV quadcopter kit.  Not only does it include all the hardware and misc parts (heat shrink, XT60…) needed, it includes the backup files for the Taranis (switches, audio alerts, switches, flight timers and all other settings) and the ButterFlight settings.

Use the Long Range Quadcopter post for the build guide.

Included Long Range 6s Build List

All the components were carefully chosen to be easy to build, durable and high performance.

Not included but required parts

TBS Crossfire Micro TX – If you don’t already have the Crossfire Micro TX, you’ll need it for this kit.

You will need to add motors to this kit.  The build and PIDs will be tuned for the Tmotor F40 Pro v2 1600kv

Motors – Recommended motors

Program Files
After you purchase the kit, you will get an order confirmation email (make sure you enter the correct email during checkout) with a link to download the following files:
  • Taranis Program – This file will have all the switches, voice prompts, timers and telemetry.  (Taranis must be running at least firmware 2.2.  See this video for updating the Taranis firmware) viagra til kvinder
  • ButterFlight Program file (CLI command)
  • Instructions on how to use these two files
Require but not included items:

fpv quadcopter kitYou want a super clean build?  Here it is!  Also included is a cheat sheet that shows you exactly how long to cut all the wires on the quad.  This takes all the guesswork out of how much wire to cut to streamline the installation.  The cheat sheet will be shipped with the kit package.

*Before starting the build, plug in the Helio Spring to your computer to confirm it connects.  

Additional information

Weight 600.0000 g
Dimensions 0.0000 x 0.0000 x 0.0000 mm
PROton Size

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GoPro Session Angle

30 Degree, 45 Degree

Crossfire Micro TX

Add Crossfire Micro TX, No thanks, I have one

Program Files

Program Files

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