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FlightClub XT-60 Mini PDB


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In stock

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FlightClub XT-60 Mini PDB

Designed to be versatile, this PDB has +/- at the 4 corners of the board.  Has integrated holes for direct soldering of a XT-60 connector.  30.5×30.5mm mounting holes which is the same with all flight controllers such as the Naze32, Seriously DODO and Lumenier LUX.

Has holes that allow you to use male/female headers to stack on the Naze32 for ESC signals 1-4, signal pads for ESC signal at the 4 corners and VBAT

2 drop in locations for Pololu voltage regulators for flight controllers or FPV equipment that require 5v or 12v.


  • 36mm square PDB with 30.5mm mounting holes (2.5mm thick)
  • 3oz copper traces to support high amperage (2-4s)
  • Holes for direct soldering on a XT-60 connector
  • ESC signal pads at the 4 corners

Male XT-60 connector available here.

Additional information

Weight 4 g
Dimensions 45 × 45 × 5 mm
Heat Shrink Color

Black, Clear

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