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FlightClub PROton | Race Drone Frame


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FlightClub PROton Race Drone Frame

race drone frame

Designed from the ground up to be a race drone frame, the FlightClub PROton can adapt to any situation.
proton cnc nucleus plateAt the heart of the FlightClub PROton is the Nucleus plate.  It allows PROton to be configured into a total of 10 different frames.  The Nucleus plate is a CNC milled 7075 aluminum plate that lets the PROton rock either a canopy or skeleton (standoff) mode.  The Nucleus plate features threaded holes for the replaceable arms.  This eliminates the need for M3 nuts or capture nuts that either strip or are a hassle to swap arms.  

Borrowing a design feature from it’s brother Tokio, the Nucleus plate will have Butter Mounts.  Butter Mount is an innovative way to mount the flight controller stack using custom silicon injection molded grommets that virtually eliminates vibrations. 

The PROton race drone frame is available with 6 arm options – 4″, 5″ Race, 5″ Practice, 5″ SX,  5.5″ and 6″.   The 5″ arms will come in two styles, thinner Race arms and wider more durable Practice arms.  Pick up some spare PROton Arms.

Now available is the Hybrid configuration, 5″ SX arms in the front and 6″ true X arms in the rear.  Read more about this setup and see why some of the fastest pilots in the world are running this setup.

Just like the Tokio, PROton is loaded with details.

PROton Highlights
  • Nucleus Plate CNC’d out of 7075 Aluminum
  • Can wear a canopy or skeleton for people who like building with standoffs
  • Threaded holes in the Nucleus plate for easy arm replacements.  No nuts or pliers needed!
  • Has 30.5×30.5mm mount holes
  • Butter Mount for a vibration free flight controller stack
  • Chamfered edges on the bottom carbon fiber plate
  • Countersunk holes on the bottom of the frame for a completely flat bottom
  • Camera protection in both Canopy or Skeleton mode
  • Camera Angle approximately: Canopy 30-80, Skeleton 0-80 degrees
  • Approximate weight range 70 – 80g, depending on the configuration

See the FlightClub PROton Prototype

Base PROton will include the following:

Skeleton Mode will include the Base PROton above plus:

  • 1 – 2mm CF top plate
  • 4 – 25mm Black Standoffs
  • 1 – TPU Camera mount adapter for Micro Camera
  • 1 – TPU VTX / RX antenna mount
  • 8 – M3x8 button head hex screws

Canopy Mode will include the Base PROton above plus:

  • TPU Printed Canopy
  • 2 – M3x10 Hex Standoff
  • 2 – M3 Washer
  • 2 – M3x5 Button head hex screw
  • 2 – M3x8 Button head hex screw

Different height Standoffs can be used for higher or lower stacks.

Recommended Base Build

This build is approximately 152g Canopy / 145g Skeleton without motors, props or battery.


Still not convinced?  We’re so confident you’ll love the PROton race drone frame that we are offering an industry first guarantee.  Build and fly the frame for 30 days.  If you don’t love it, return it for your money back!*  You have nothing to lose.  Try the PROton for yourself!

*Broken parts are not covered in this guarantee.  Broken parts will be deducted from the cost of the frame in the amount required to replace the part.  Example, if the frame was returned with a broken or damaged arm, $5 (cost to replace the arm) will be deducted from the refund.

Additional information

Weight 78.0000 g
Dimensions 175.0000 × 118.0000 × 19.0000 mm

Black, Blue, Gold

PROton Style

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PROton Size

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