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FlightClub Phuket Frame

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Original price $43.99
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FlightClub Phuket

Now the FlightClub Phuket is available in a 170mm 4" version for 4" props!  Same tough build but now with even more thrust!

Introducing the FlightClub Phuket.  Pronounced (poo-ket) or (f*ck-it), depending on your mood and flying style.  The Phuket3 is a 140mm stretch X mini frame made for 3" props.  Just like it's bigger brother Tokio, Phuket rocks a durable TPU canopy that's made to take abuse and keep you flying.

Simple design - Phuket is an ultralight unibody canopy quad.  Borrowing design aspects from it's bigger brother Tokio, Phuket's canopy is meticulously designed to provide ultimate protection and ease of build.  The canopy mounts to the frame using just three screws.  The three screws go into stubby 10mm standoffs that form a super strong cage around the single stack AIO.  Remove the canopy and you have access to the entire internals.  Phuket is designed for a single stack AIO flight controller and ESC.

Protection - The canopy protects all the internals including the camera, VTX and antenna.  With an AUW of less than 160g (no battery) and sporting a 3.5mm frame it will be hard to break anything.  Pair it with the Phuket Arm Guards to turn it into the ultimate garage banger.

Canopies available in black, red, green, blue, grey, purple and white

  • 3.5mm 45 degree rotated carbon fiber frame
  • Chamfered edges
  • Countersunk holes on bottom of frame for completely flat bottom
  • Has fc mount holes for 30x30 or 20x20
  • Ultra durable TPU canopy
  • Antenna ports on the canopy
  • Easy access to the VTX
  • Designed for 14xx size motors
  • 3 or 4 inch 3.5mm Carbon Fiber frame
  • TPU canopy
  • 4 x Flat head M3X12mm screw
  • 4 x Silicon grommet spacers
  • 4 x M3 nylon nuts
  • 3 x 10mm Hex spacers
  • 3 x Flat Head M3x6 screws
  • 3 x M3x6 screws
  • 2 x 3" Antenna Tube
  • 2 x Antenna Caps
  • Velcro strap
  • Stickers

Note: the Phuket is designed for a single stack like an FC/ESC AIO. You can also use an FC/PDB mount ESCs on each arms.  It can be built with a double stack but you'll need to use 20mm standoffs instead of the included 10mm standoffs.