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DTF FlightClub PROton EnvyAstro

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DTF (Down to Fly) Race PROton EnvyAstro Edition

dtf proton race envyastro

Now you can own the same quad of one of the fastest pilots in the world, EnvyAstro.  These DTF Race PROtons are built and tuned by EnvyAstro himself.  It will be the exact setup he’ll be racing in 2018.

This build was clocked by UAVFutures at 109mph with a GoPro mount (Tmotor F40 ProII 2600kv).

Take the guesswork out of building and tuning.  All quads will arrive Down to Fly.  All you have to do is bind the receiver to your Taranis and start ripping.  

Included Ultralight Quad Build List

Taranis Setup

The Taranis Program file file will be included.  A download link will be in your email invoice.  Download the Taranis bin file, (proton.bin).  Take out the MicroSD card from your Taranis and plug it into your computer.  Inside there will be a folder called “Models”.  Drag the PROTON.bin file into that folder.  Put the card back into your Taranis.  Push Menu and scroll down to an empty model slot.  Push and hold Enter, select restore and choose the proton.bin file.  All the switches, flight timer, 2 min race timer with 10 second countdown, low RSSI alert (45 dbi), two stage low battery (14.5v low audio, 14v critical with haptic vibrate) and timer reset will be already programmed.


These quads will be built for a 4s battery and tuned for the GemFan 5152 props.  These are very aggressive props.  It’s best to tune the quad for aggressive props that way when used with less aggressive props they will still fly fine.  Whereas if it’s tuned for weaker props then flown with aggressive props there will be oscillation issues.

Suggested Parts

Add a GoPro Mount to record some Hi Def footage.

Additional information

Weight 600.0000 g
Dimensions 0.0000 x 0.0000 x 0.0000 mm
PROton Size

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