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BetaFPV Beta65s BNF Tiny Whoop FrSky


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BetaFPV Beta65s FrSky BNF

The BetaFPV Beta65s is currently the world’s most popular 65mm tiny whoop.  It features bigger upgraded 7×16 17500kv motors with 31mm tri blade props.  It runs on BetaFlight firmware so it’s super east to setup.

It has prop guards and only weighs 34g with battery so it’s safe enough to fly inside your house but powerful enough to fly outside too.

BetaFPV Beta75 Pro Specifications
  • 65mm
  • BetaFlight firmware
  • 7×16 17500kv motors
  • 31mm tri blade props
  • BetaflightOSD
  • 27g, 34g with battery
  • 25mw 48 channel VTX with raceband
  • 1s 260mAh HV
  • 3:30 flight time
  • FrSky D8 protocol version


  • BetaFPV Beta65s
  • 1 – 1s 260mAh HV battery

Not included but recommended:

Additional information

Weight 3.0000 g
Dimensions 0.0000 x 0.0000 x 0.0000 mm


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