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Armattan SCX 200 Build Kit


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All in one Armattan SCX 200 Build Kit

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This is a true all-in-one kit.  Not only does it include all the hardware needed, it includes the backup files for the Taranis (switches, audio alerts, switches and all other settings) and KISS configurator backup file with PIDs for this setup.  All you have to do is plug it in, restore the backup file and you’re done with programming*.  Bam, that’s it!

Take the confusion and headaches out of messing with software, programming and tuning.

Use this post for the build guide.

This Kit needs an Receiver

Please note, due to the amount of inquiries to swap or leave out the receiver, this kit doesn’t include a receiver anymore.  You’ll need to add a receiver such as the X4R-SB or XSR.

Misc Parts** – $10
Total Parts = $429 (with EMAX RS2205-s 2300KV motors)
**Misc items include o-rings, heat shrink for the ESCs/arms, XT60 power cable,  xt60 power cable wire wrapbuzzer, silicon wire for the ESC and signal, VBAT cable, velcro strap and all the other small items needed to complete the build.
Backup Files
After you purchase the kit, you will get an order confirmation email (make sure you enter the correct email during checkout) with a link to download the following files:
  • Taranis – This file will have all the switches, voice prompts, timers and telemetry.
  • KISS FC – All settings and PIDs for this setup.
Require but not included items:
Transmitter – Taranis X9d Plus – $205
FPV Goggles such as the FatShark Dominator V3 Goggles
Propellers – I’ve been running the RaceKraft 5040 tri-blade props and love them on this setup.
Battery Charger – a basic Balancing Charger will work fine
Receiver such as the X4R-SB or XSR

best quadcopter racingYou want a super clean build?  Here it is!  Also included is a cheat sheet that shows you exactly how long to cut all the wires on the quad.  This takes all the guesswork out of how much wire to cut to streamline the installation.  The cheat sheet will be shipped with the kit package.


Use the SCX 200 build guide.


Additional information

Weight 600 g
Frame Color

Red, Blue

Program Files

Program Files

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