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QAV-X Build: How to Build a Lumenier QAV-X Part 1

2017-01-17T13:41:44+00:00 Build, Review|

How to Build a Lumenier QAV-X [x_video_embed type="16:9"][/x_video_embed] Time for another build!  The Lumenier QAV-X build is one of my favorite quads right now.  It's no secret I really like the Lumenier frames.  Their designs are all really well thought out using the highest quality components.

Shendrones Corgi Quadcopter Review

2016-05-03T12:47:54+00:00 Build, Review|

Shendrones Corgi Quadcopter Review [x_video_embed type="16:9"][/x_video_embed] From the master mind multicopter builder Andy Shen of Shendrones, I bring you the Corgi.  Andy is responsible for creating some of the most creative, unique, odd and awesome quads such as the Tweaker, Krieger, Misuko.  His latest creation as

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