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Wassup everyone! Hope all is well in this crazy time!

The time has come to move on!

FlightClub started 6 years ago as a passion for drones, really an obssession. I loved building, flying, learning and teaching everything about drones. I knew how confusing building a first quad is so I loved helping people.

Since starting Flightclub a lot has changed. Got married, got a house, got a dog and got a kid. Along the way of getting all this stuff I lost a lot too. Most notibly, lost a lot of time and passion. Before marriage and a kid came along, I worked 14 hour days on FlightClub and loved it.

Anyone who’s ever mixed passion and business knows it’s not always a good mix. Yes if done right it can work. But being pretty much a one-person business, I got burnt out. Lack of time and the countless tasks a one-person business has to get done burned me out. The passion is gone.

In the past year I’ve only flow once. It’s time to move on.

I just wanted to make this post and THANK my audience for spending time on this website, my YouTube channel and in my store. Thanks to all my customers these past 6 years. You guys supported me and a passion to make it a full-time living. Seriously guys, thanks!

Not sure what I will do with this website or the YouTube channel yet but I’ll keep it up. I’ve moved on to new ventures and no longer have time to upkeep the online store.

As a final thank you, I’m having an inventory clearance sale. 50% off everything in the store!

Use coupon code: FAREWELL for 50% off your entire cart.

If any resellers or teams are interested in bulk frame orders, send me a note and I’ll hook you up with a massive discount.

If anyone is interested in buying the business (website, YouTube channel monetized with 33.7k subs, Instagram with 8k followers, all intellectual property including frame CAD designs) hit me up. It’s a turn-key business ready to fire back up.

THANK YOU to my audience and customers!!!!

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