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Custom RFT Lumenier QAV250

Save yourself the headache of building, programming, troubleshooting and tuning with a ready to fly custom Lumenier QAV250.


custom qav250


This build uses the newest carbon fiber Lumenier QAV250 v1.1.  This frame doesn’t have the extra cutout in the arms and has more carbon fiber on the arms.


This quad can be built with 2100kv or 2300kv motors.  Both can be set up to run 3s or 4s.

The 2300kv are good on 3s with any props and 4s up to 5045 props.  If you go any higher on the props it will really shorten the flight time.

The 2100kv, if running 3s would need at least 5040 props.  It will be pretty slow on 3s, 5030 props.  The 2100kv are really made for 4s batteries and can run ultra high thrust props up to the 5050 tri-blade bullnose props.  This is scary fast.

If you want to use different motors, please send me a note.


The OSDoge board will be used in this build.  It will display your voltage, low battery alert, RSSI, flight time and many other useful info on your screen.  RSSI (radio signal strength indicator) is great for making sure you always have control of your quad.  The OSDoge will let you tweak your PIDs right from your goggles.

QAV250 Frame – $150
FrSky D4R-ii – $26
Naze32 Acro – $25
BL20A ESC – $48
OSDoge – $70
600mw VTX – $70
FPV Camera – $35
Misc Parts* – included
Total Parts = $568
3D Crash Pack** – $30 (discounted)
Build and tune fee – $150


Total Ready to fly QAV250 (no Transmitter or goggles) – $750


*Misc items include heat shrink for the ESCs, XT60 power cable, motor/power cable wire wrapbuzzerM3x5 motor screws, header pins, nylon standoffs for the Naze32 and all the other small items needed to complete the build.


**3D Crash Pack includes adjustable FPV camera mountd4r-ii mountmotor guardsFirewallvideo transmitter shell and PDB spacer.


There’s a big difference between the FlightClub RTF QAV250 vs the Getfpv RFT QAV250.


FlightClub RTF is a true ready to fly that includes a receiver and full FPV setup with OSD.  All that’s needed is to bind it with the Taranis and put in a battery.  The GetFPV RTF you still need a receiver, FPV camera, Video transmitter and Spironet antenna (optional).  So to add these to the GetFPV RTF with OSD would be an additional $265.


So the FlightClub RTF cost less and includes better parts and has more parts.
Require but not included items:
Transmitter – Taranis X9d Plus – $205
Battery – Tattu 3s 1300mAh 75c – $25 or Tattu 4s 1300mAh 75c – $35
Battery Charger – a basic Balancing Charger will work fine


 Here’s how to order.

If this item is marked out of stock, that means we are building.  Rather than have customers prepay for the quad and wait a long time to get it, we’ll only make it in stock if we are available to build.  The turn around time is about a week.  Sign up to be notified once they go in stock.  I don’t want to make customers wait a long time after payment 🙂

The quad will come with a Taranis bin file that will have all the switches, voice prompts and RSSI programmed.  Once it’s loaded the quad is ready to fly!

Note: This is a custom item so shipping time will be within 7 days.


  1. Richard Glover
    0 out of 5

    So this is my first real QuadC. I have alot of the more standard ones and they fly great. But his Custom 1 flies amazing.

    I mean the share effort that is put in the build is easy to see, the thing is a pure beauty to look at, everything in its place. Nothing to much and nothing to little.

    It took me awhile to get into all the programming which is possible. And that is alot. And yes it came pre programmed and flies straight out of the shipment box.

    But you have to know what you buy. So i tinker with it ofc.

    And to be honest, this setup is fairly easy to get into and understand so you can make it your own.( Just remember, TAKE OF THE PROPS ) i learned the hard way

    Even tho it seems like a fair amount of money, When you get it, you will know it was worth it.

    I actually thought about buying the parts and build it myself. And even tho i look forward to it breaks and i get to tear it apart.
    I am really glad for choosing the complet build. I can be somewhat perfectionist about these things but i dont think i could have done it that great myself.

    I am beyond pleased and happy with this quad. It was more than i thought it would be, and i have already had some fun time flying this beast.

    If u guys could have seen my face when i opened the box. Christmas not only came early, it left santa in the shadow comparing gifts =)

    Again Fpv-FC big thanks to you, best of wishes from me.



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