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Hovership ZUUL Racehound Review | Part 1: First Impressions

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 The release of Hovership’s ZUUL Racehound couldn’t have come at a better time. The day before they released the quadcopter (Valentine’s Day 2015) I had broken my second frame on my Lumenier QAV250 in two weeks. It was getting too expensive to spend $45-$55 every time I broke an arm. I’ve been thinking about moving to a frame with replaceable …

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Quadcopter Flips on Takeoff: Naze32 Orientation

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 I learned this the hard way. If your quadcopter flips or pirouettes on take off, there could be three reasons for this: The motors are spinning the wrong way. Use the motors tab in Baseflight or Cleanflight to check the motor directions. To reverse a motor, switch any two of the three motor wires. *Take off the propellers before testing* The …

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I’m Addicted to flying FPV Quadcopters

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 As of October 2014 I knew absolutely nothing about quadcopters.  Like many of you I saw these guys on Youtube flying quadcopters doing crazy stuff like racing through the woods dodging trees doing flips and rolls, flying in the middle of a fireworks show or seeing beautiful landscapes from a bird’s eye view.  This is so freaking cool!  With FPV, …