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OSDoge 1.5 Review and Install

In Build, Review by Mike Tseng25 Comments


 OSDoge 1.5 Yes!  My favorite component, maybe of all time, the OSDoge has been updated to OSDoge 1.5.  There isn’t a big enough change to call it 2 but the upgrades are all options we all want. Highlight of the OSDoge 1.5 Updates USB now lines up with the Naze32 rev6 No more big capacitor that always falls off Idiot …

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Shendrones Corgi Quadcopter Review

In Build, Review by Mike Tseng6 Comments


 Shendrones Corgi Quadcopter Review From the master mind multicopter builder Andy Shen of Shendrones, I bring you the Corgi.  Andy is responsible for creating some of the most creative, unique, odd and awesome quads such as the Tweaker, Krieger, Misuko.  His latest creation as of this post, the Corgi is a 220mm semi-x pattern quadcopter.  What makes the Corgi unique …

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FrSky X4R-SB and XSR, SBUS and Telemetry

In Build, Review by Mike Tseng63 Comments


 FrSky X4R-SB and XSR Setup The FrSky X4R-SB has been out for a while but the XSR was just release.  What makes these two receivers so great!  Let’s take a look. The XSR-SB and XSR both use a newer technology SBUS vs PPM (CPPM) on the D4R-ii.  SBUS is digital where as PPM is analog.  Since PPM is analog, the …

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How to Setup a Lumenier QAV210: Part 2

In Build by Mike Tseng70 Comments


 How to Setup a Lumenier QAV210 In part 1 of the Lumenier QAV210 build series we did most of the physical build of the quad.  Part 2 will be about the programming.  I’ll show you how to set up the Taranis with RSSI from the OSDoge and program all the switches.  Instead of regular CleanFlight we’ll be flashing the Naze32 …

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How to Build a Lumenier QAV210: Part 1

In Build by Mike Tseng119 Comments


 How to build a Lumenier QAV210 It’s time for another build!  This time we’ll be building a Lumenier QAV210.  This frame has been out for a few months now.  At first I wasn’t sure if I was going to get it but so many readers were asking for custom parts and raving about it.  Good thing I listened because this …

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OSDoge Setup Update

In Build by Mike Tseng66 Comments


 OSDoge Setup with RSSI update! This is an updated setup guide for the OSDoge board.  As of 12/1/15 the new OSDoge boards come flashed with the latest version of MWOSD 1.5.1.  This version of 1.5 GUI is much faster and easier to use then the 1.2 version that was used in my first OSDoge setup with RSSI guide.  The OSD …

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Soldering School

In Basics, Build, Quick Tips by Mike Tseng10 Comments


 Soldering School I know there are a lot of people who want to build their own quad but are hesitant because they’ve never soldered before.  It’s actually really simple and a lot of fun once you learn the basics.  I’ll show you how! What is soldering? Soldering is a process in which two or more metal items are joined together by …

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How to Set up a QAV250

In Build by Mike Tseng199 Comments


 How to setup a QAV250 In part 1 of this three part post I talked about how important it is to carefully choose your components when building a QAV250.  In part 2 we installed the ESCs, OSDoge and motors.  Part 3 will be installing the FPV camera, video transmitter, set up the Taranis and set up the Naze32 in Cleanflight. …

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How to Build a Lumenier QAV250, The Correct Way

In Build by Mike Tseng104 Comments


 How to Build a Lumenier QAV250, The Correct Way. Update January 1, 2016 Please watch this video before starting this build.  Some things have changed since I made this post.  It will show a slightly different but easier build method and updates on the Naze32 rev6. Time for another build!  In part 1 of this post I explained why you …

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OSDoge Setup with RSSI!

In Build by Mike Tseng151 Comments


 OSDoge Setup with working RSSI! I’ve been wanting to do a post on the OSDoge setup for about 6 months now but couldn’t figure out how to get the RSSI to work.  Hours, days, weeks and months of frustrated hair pulling and cursing…I finally got it to work! What is OSDoge? OSDoge is a small stackable circuit board the same size …