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Xiaomi Yi Camera Review: Xiaomi vs GoPro

In Review by Mike Tseng3 Comments

Xiaomi Yi Action Camera Review After I smashed my Mobius camera in a crash I started doing research for a new camera.  I have a GoPro but I don’t trust my skills enough right now to put a $400 on my quadcopter.  I want a camera that has good image quality and under $200. Enter the Xiaomi Yi Action Camera Xiaomi …

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In Build, Review by Mike Tseng20 Comments

The weather hasn’t been cooperating here so I haven’t had a lot of time to fly but after putting about 20 batteries through Hovership’s ZUUL Racehound I can say this thing kicks ass. I think most quad frames if tuned correctly will fly very similar from one brand to another so we will focus more on features, durability and build. Durability …